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Lea Schaepe

My mission is to bring 
ARTISTIC CYCLING to the streets!



Lea Schaepe - German 

Freestyle Artistic Cyclist

In German "Freestyle Kunstradfahrer/in"

I do stunts on my Artistic Cycling bike outdoors.

I create bike content and offer shows and workshops all over the world.

Artistic Cycling is actually a traditional  indoor sport. I want to change that. As an outdoor lover, I want to ride my bike on the street, in skateparks, bicycle parks or on basketball courts. I do freestyle tricks all over the world. Inspired by skateboarders, BMX -, scooter riders. Watching their movements inspire me to try new tricks on my fixed gear bike.

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Our Clients Say

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-05 um 13.41.42.png
Artistic cycling at the Night of FreestyleFrom 2018 to 2020, the Night of Freestyle toured throughout Germany under the motto "Super Heroes Tour" with the best athletes in the world. Whether on a motorcycle, mountain bike, BMX, quad bike, snowmobile or buggy - the 4 or so athletes sent everything flying through the air!But then came the idea: why not present a highlight that takes place on the ground? Under the motto "Superheroes against challengers", two evenly matched opponents were quickly found: Chris Böhm on the BMX against Lea Schaepe on the artistic bike. At a total of 10 shows in all parts of Germany, the battle for the crown was fierce. But one thing was clear from the very first shows: the audience loved Lea's performance and regularly crowned her the winner! So the final result after the tour was clear: the overall winner is Lea Schaepe!

Jaqueline Schreiber  -  Germany, Cologne

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