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Social Cycling Project:

Updated: May 7

The Social Cycling Project in Rwanda

The mission of the project:

The social cycling project supports children from the artistic cycling club in Rwanda with bikes, sports equipment, food and training workshops by Jonathan (permanently on site) and myself.

The mission for Lea until mid-July is to collect donations and find material support that she can take with her on the flight mid of July. She will spend her time and her Artistic Cycling Bike to our club. Moreover she will promote the Rwanda Artistic Cycling Club in YouTube and Social Media.

Get inspired & donate here:

How can you support the social cycling project? Your advanteges:

Do you have a bike event?

Then Lea would be happy to join you so that we can draw attention to the project together. Let's make a difference in the world together.

As a sponsor of the project, you will be mentioned by name and with a logo and Lea & Jonathan will provide you with high-quality content on site, enhancing your brand with social engagement.

Do you sell products?

If you sell products, you can send products and support the project financially if you wish. Take advantage of the opportunity to get socially involved online.

Why Rwanda? Why is Artistic Cycling in Rwanda?

Rwanda is home to the first artistic cycling club in Africa. The club was founded by Jonathan 5 years ago and relies on worldwide support.

What is really needed for the cycling club in Rwanda?

Jonathan and Lea are in almost daily contact. According to Jonathan, our local contact, the kids currently need shoes, training equipment, financial support and any other product is very welcome.

In general there are various needs in Rwanda, but some of the main areas where support is needed are education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture and economic development. The cycling club gives the children hope to reach new horizons through sporting ambition! Education and motivation to make a difference is crucial to promote the long-term development of the country. Finally, promoting economic growth and employment opportunities is crucial to reduce poverty and improve people's living conditions.

Social Cycling Project: Rwanda Artistic Cycling
Rwanda Artistic Cycling X Jonathan X Lea Schaepe

Why should a cycling club help people in Africa?

With your help, you can give hope to so many children and enrich their lives in the long term.

By working with a cycling club you can do something good for people through our help, by directly helping the local cycling community & boosting the tourism.

The foundations for our future are laid in childhood, and it is often our upbringing and mindset that shapes us the most.
Thoughts create your reality. Artistic cycling is a sport that challenges your inner balance and athletic ability. When you master a trick, you start to believe in yourself. It promotes a strong mindset!
Small amounts of money have a big impact for people there. Some children are even able to finish school or go to university and make a lasting change to the country.

How does Rwanda compare to other African countries?

Rwanda differs from other African countries in many ways and has made significant progress in various areas in recent years. Some points that might distinguish Rwanda from other African countries are:

Political stability and leadership:

Rwanda has made significant progress towards political stability and good governance since the genocide in 1994. The government has taken measures to overcome ethnic tensions and promote national cohesion.

Economic development: Rwanda has experienced robust economic growth in recent years, driven by investment in key sectors such as tourism, technology and agriculture. The government has also made efforts to create a favorable business climate and attract foreign investment.

Innovative programs and initiatives:

Rwanda has excelled in innovative programs and initiatives including the promotion of technology and innovation, the promotion of women in leadership positions and the introduction of e-government services.

Environmental protection:

Rwanda has made efforts to protect its natural resources and promote sustainable development practices. This includes initiatives to reforest, protect biodiversity and promote renewable energy.

However, it is important to note that Rwanda also faces challenges, including overcoming the historical legacy of genocide, promoting social inclusion and addressing poverty. Nevertheless, Rwanda is often praised for its remarkable progress and innovation in various areas.

Every help counts:
If you would like to come along in July, please contact us!
If you would like to support us financially, please contact us!
If you can support us with products, please contact us!

Send me a Mail:

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